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Pushing Daisies

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Workaholics EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Piss & S**t
    When the guys have to pass a drug test at work, they only have one choice: bribe middle school kids for clean urine.

  • We Be Ballin'
    The guys will stop at nothing to get tickets to a sold-out basketball game, even if it means being dunked in a horchata tank and seeing a grown man's penis.

  • Office Campout
    The guys decide to crash at the office and do a bunch of drugs while their house is fumigated, but their camp out is threatened when two burglars break into the office.

  • The Promotion
    When rumors of a promotion spread at work, the guy's allegiances to one another are tested as they all vie for the new job.

  • Checkpoint Gnarly
    After a wild night of drinking with the boss's brother, things go bad when they hit a DUI checkpoint.

  • The Strike
    When Alice won't give the guys time off for a fake holiday called Half-Christmas, they decide to go on strike for better benefits.

  • Straight Up Juggahos
    To prevent Jillian from coming to an important business function, the guys send her on a blind date. It backfires when they have to rescue her from an Insane Clown Posse concert.

  • To Friend A Predator
    When the guys try "To Catch a Predator", a local child molester, he turns out to be the coolest guy they ever met.

  • Muscle I'd Like To Flex
    Blake and Anders' world turns upside down when they lose Adam to a super-rich MILF.

  • In The Line Of Getting Fired
    When the CEO of TelAmeriCorp arrives to liquidate the company, it's up to the guys to change his mind and save the day.
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