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Pushing Daisies

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Workaholics EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • Trainees' Day
    The title of best pranksters in the office pits the guys against a group of trainees.

  • Weed The People
    The guys help Alice's dad market a new product by sneaking in a secret ingredient.

  • Monstalibooyah
    The guys go to the beach and stay at TelAmeriCorp's time-share.

  • Bill & Tez's Sexcellent Sexventure
    Montez's business trip through Chinatown turns Bill into the "transportationer."

  • Faux Chella
    A version of Coachella is staged by the guys to impress a group of festival girls.

  • The Most Dangerless Game
    A trip to a remote cabin in the mountains fills the guys with a sense of impending doom.

  • Tactona 420
    A line of remote-control cars pits the guys against their coworkers in a race for the rights to sell them.

  • Termidate
    The guys recall competing together on a reality dating show.

  • Bianca Toro
    The guys try to get rid of a motivational speaker when she begins interfering with a beloved office awards show.

  • Party Gawds
    The guys become party gods after an energy drink company starts paying them to throw ragers.
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