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Through The Wormhole With Morgan FreemanThrough The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman  premiered on DISCS on June 9, 2010. What are we made of? What was there before the beginning? Are we really alone? Is there a creator? These questions have been pondered by the most exquisite minds of the human race. Now, science has evolved to the point where hard facts and evidence may be able to provide us with answers instead of philosophical theories. Through the Wormhole will bring together the brightest minds and best ideas from the very edges of science - Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and more - to reveal the extraordinary truth of our Universe.

Morgan Freeman
Season 1 (2009-2010)
(8 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Is There A Creator? (Original Air Date 6/9/2010)
  2. The Riddle Of Black Holes (Original Air Date 6/16/2010)
  3. Is Time Travel Possible? (Original Air Date 6/23/2010)
  4. What Happened Before The Beginning? (Original Air Date 6/30/2010)
  5. How Did We Get Here? (Original Air Date 7/7/2010)
  6. Are We Alone? (Original Air Date 7/14/2010)
  7. What Are We Really Made Of? (Original Air Date 7/21/2010)
  8. Beyond The Darkness (Original Air Date 7/28/2010)
Season 2 (2010-2011)
(10 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Is There Life After Death? (Original Air Date 6/8/2011)
  2. Is There An Edge To The Universe? (Original Air Date 6/15/2011)
  3. Does Time Really Exist? (Original Air Date 6/22/2011)
  4. Are There More Than 3 Dimensions? (Original Air Date 6/29/2011)
  5. Is There A Sixth Sense? (Original Air Date 7/6/2011)
  6. How Does The Universe Work? (Original Air Date 7/13/2011)
  7. Can We Travel Faster Than Light? (Original Air Date 7/20/2011)
  8. Can We Live Forever? (Original Air Date 7/27/2011)
  9. What Do Aliens Look Like? (Original Air Date 8/3/2011)
  10. Is There An Equation Of Everything? (Original Air Date 8/17/2011)
Season 3 (2011-2012)
(10 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. Will We Survive First Contact? (Original Air Date 3/6/2012)
  2. Is There A Superior Race? (Original Air Date 6/6/2012)
  3. Is The Universe Alive? (Original Air Date 6/13/2012)
  4. What Makes Us Who We Are? (Original Air Date 6/20/2012)
  5. What Is Nothing? (Original Air Date 6/27/2012)
  6. Can We Resurrect The Dead? (Original Air Date 7/11/2012)
  7. Can We Eliminate Evil? (Original Air Date 7/18/2012)
  8. Mysteries Of The Subconscious (Original Air Date 7/25/2012)
  9. Will Eternity End? (Original Air Date 8/1/2012)
  10. Did We Invent God? (Original Air Date 8/8/2012)
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