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Worst Case Scenario EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Burning Vehicle/Boating Accident
    Bear escapes a burning vehicle and rescues two men from drowning after a boating accident.

  • Downed Powerline/Dog Attack
    Bear is caught in a car under a downed powerline and is chased by vicious dogs.

  • Earthquake Escape
    Bear escapes from a building ravaged by an earthquake.

  • Sinking Car/Rattlesnake Encounter
    Bear escapes a sinking car and encounters a rattlesnake... and a snakebite victim.

  • Car Brakes Fail/Physical Attack
    Bear shows how to stop a car that's lost its brakes and how to fend off an attacker.

  • Trapped In Freezer
    Bear shows how to get out alive when caught unprepared in a cold environment, such as a freezer.

  • Desert Breakdown/Tarantula
    Bear's vehicle breaks down in the desert, and later, he finds a tarantula crawling on him.

  • Elevator Plunge/Blackout
    Bear shows how to brace for impact during an elevator plunge and navigate to safety during a blackout.
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