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Pushing Daisies

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Z Nation EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Warren's Dream
    The group is confronted by the inhabitants of Zona.

  • Escape From Zona
    Driven by Warren's dream of a Black Rainbow, Warren and Murphy must make their way back to the mainland.

  • The Vanishing
    By the time Warren and the others make it to the refugee camp, Red and Sun Mei have mysteriously vanished along with everyone else. After convincing 10K to give up the search for Red, Murphy and the others decide to head to Numerica with Sarge - but Warren has her own plan. Driven by her dream, Warren is compelled to head east instead of north.

  • A New Mission: Keep Moving
    Following Warren's dream, our heroes must keep moving for an entire episode, never able to stop as they cross The Great Pile a seemingly endless landscape of rubble and destruction. Along the way they discover the Zombie virus has mutated again, and that killing the brain no longer kills the zombie, they must be obliterated.

  • The Unknowns
    Our Heroes are captured by an Unseen Force and enslaved in an elaborate underground facility, forced by their mysterious captors to perform a series of bizarre dangerous tasks. They escape with the help of a zombie Lucy befriends, but when Lucy tries to save the Zombie, Murphy must come to her rescue and is bitten by a Mad-Z, mortally wounded.

  • Back From The Undead
    Lucy brings Murphy back from his Mad Zombie-state - saving Murphy's life, but the drain on Lucy is too much and she dies of old age in Murphy's arms. Meanwhile, Warren, Doc, 10K and Sarge battle a biologically modified Franken-Zombie guarding a clue to Warren's dream.

  • Warren's Wedding
    Shaken by the death of one of the team, something snaps in Murphy, and Warren is unable to stop him and the others from committing an atrocity as misplaced revenge.

  • Crisis of Faith
    Warren and the others encounter a mysterious stranger who they think is a grave robber.

  • We Interrupt This Program
    The group explores an abandoned TV news station, where they encounter news crew zombies. This event triggers haunting flashbacks from their first day.

  • Frenemies
    Doc and the gang are reunited with Sketchy and Skeezy when they take refuge in a barber shop full of mysterious and murderous characters.

  • Return To Mercy Labs
    Warren and the team go back to the Mercy labs where she performs a task without knowing why.

  • Mt. Weather
    Warren and the team must stop Zona from launching operation Black Rainbow which will cleanse the landscape of both zombies and humans.

  • The Black Rainbow
    The secret of Warren's Black Rainbow Dream is unlocked when they reach their final destination.
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