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The GoldbergsThe Goldbergs  premiered on ABC on September 24, 2013. Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the '80s. For geeky 11-year-old Adam these were his wonder years, and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy. The Goldbergs are a loving family like any other, just with a lot more yelling. Mom Beverly is a classic "smother," an overbearing, overprotective matriarch who rules this brood with 100% authority and zero sense of boundaries. Dad Murray is gruff, hot-tempered and trying to parent without screaming. Sister Erica is 17, hot, terrifying and not one to mess with. Barry is 16, a grade-A spaz with classic middle child syndrome. Adam is the youngest, a camera-wielding future director who's crushing on an older woman. Rounding out the family is beloved grandfather Al "Pops" Solomon, the wild man of the clan, a shameless Don Juan who's schooling Adam in the ways of love. When Pops buys a new sports car and offers his Caddy to middle child Barry, it's enough to drive this already high-strung family to the brink of chaos.

Adam Goldberg
Sean Giambrone
Beverly Goldberg
Wendi McClendon-Covey
Murray Goldberg
Jeff Garlin
Erica Goldberg
Hayley Orrantia
Barry Goldberg
Troy Gentile
Al "Pops" Solomon
George Segal
Adam Goldberg Adult Voice
Patton Oswalt
Season 1 (2013-2014)
(23 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Circle Of Driving (Original Air Date 9/24/2013)
  2. Daddy Daughter Day (Original Air Date 10/1/2013)
  3. Mini Murray (Original Air Date 10/8/2013)
  4. Why're You Hitting Yourself? (Original Air Date 10/15/2013)
  5. The Ring (Original Air Date 10/22/2013)
  6. Who Are You Going To Telephone? (Original Air Date 10/29/2013)
  7. Call Me When You Get There (Original Air Date 11/5/2013)
  8. The Kremps (Original Air Date 11/12/2013)
  9. Stop Arguing And Start Thanking (Original Air Date 11/19/2013)
  10. Shopping (Original Air Date 12/3/2013)
  11. Kara-Te (Original Air Date 12/10/2013)
  12. You're Under Foot (Original Air Date 1/7/2014)
  13. The Other Smother (Original Air Date 1/14/2014)
  14. You Opened The Door (Original Air Date 1/21/2014)
  15. Muscles Mirsky (Original Air Date 2/4/2014)
  16. Goldbergs Never Say Die! (Original Air Date 3/4/2014)
  17. Lame Gretzky (Original Air Date 3/11/2014)
  18. For Your Own Good (Original Air Date 3/18/2014)
  19. The President's Fitness Test (Original Air Date 4/1/2014)
  20. You're Not Invited (Original Air Date 4/8/2014)
  21. The Age Of Darkness (Original Air Date 4/29/2014)
  22. A Wrestler Named Goldberg (Original Air Date 5/6/2014)
  23. Season 2 (2014-2015)
    (24 Episodes In Season 2)
    1. Love Is A Mixtape (Original Air Date 9/24/2014)
    2. Mama Drama (Original Air Date 10/1/2014)
    3. The Facts Of Bleeping Life (Original Air Date 10/8/2014)
    4. Shall We Play A Game? (Original Air Date 10/22/2014)
    5. Family Takes Care Of Beverly (Original Air Date 10/29/2014)
    6. Big Baby Ball (Original Air Date 11/12/2014)
    7. A Goldberg Thanksgiving (Original Air Date 11/19/2014)
    8. I Rode A Hoverboard! (Original Air Date 12/3/2014)
    9. The Most Handsome Boy On The Planet (Original Air Date 12/10/2014)
    10. DannyDonnieJoeJonJordan (Original Air Date 1/7/2015)
    11. The Darryl Dawkins Dance (Original Air Date 1/14/2015)
    12. Cowboy Country (Original Air Date 2/11/2015)
    13. Van People (Original Air Date 2/18/2015)
    14. Barry Goldberg's Day Off (Original Air Date 2/25/2015)
    15. Happy Mom, Happy Life (Original Air Date 3/4/2015)
    16. The Lost Boy (Original Air Date 3/25/2015)
    17. The Adam Bomb (Original Air Date 4/1/2015)
    18. I Drank The Mold! (Original Air Date 4/8/2015)
    19. La Biblioteca Es Libros (Original Air Date 4/15/2015)
    20. Just Say No (Original Air Date 4/15/2015)
    21. As You Wish (Original Air Date 4/22/2015)
    22. Dance Party USA (Original Air Date 4/29/2015)
    23. Bill/Murray (Original Air Date 5/6/2015)
    24. Goldbergs Feel Hard (Original Air Date 5/13/2015)
    Season 3 (2015-2016)
    (25 Episodes In Season 3)
    1. A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party (Original Air Date 9/23/2015)
    2. A Chorus Lie (Original Air Date 9/30/2015)
    3. Jimmy 5 Is Alive (Original Air Date 10/7/2015)
    4. I Caddyshacked The Pool (Original Air Date 10/14/2015)
    5. Boy Barry (Original Air Date 10/21/2015)
    6. Couples Costume (Original Air Date 10/28/2015)
    7. Lucky (Original Air Date 11/11/2015)
    8. In Conclusion, Thanksgiving (Original Air Date 11/18/2015)
    9. Wingmom (Original Air Date 12/2/2015)
    10. A Christmas Story (Original Air Date 12/9/2015)
    11. The Tasty Boys (Original Air Date 1/6/2016)
    12. Baio And Switch (Original Air Date 1/13/2016)
    13. Double Dare (Original Air Date 1/20/2016)
    14. Lainey Loves Lionel (Original Air Date 2/10/2016)
    15. Weird Al (Original Air Date 2/17/2016)
    16. Edward 'Eddie The Eagle' Edwards (Original Air Date 2/24/2016)
    17. The Dirty Dancing Dance (Original Air Date 3/2/2016)
    18. 12 Tapes For A Penny (Original Air Date 3/16/2016)
    19. Magic Is Real (Original Air Date 3/23/2016)
    20. Dungeons And Dragons, Anyone? (Original Air Date 4/6/2016)
    21. Rush (Original Air Date 4/13/2016)
    22. An 80s Rewind (Original Air Date 4/27/2016)
    23. Smother's Day (Original Air Date 5/4/2016)
    24. Big Orange (Original Air Date 5/11/2016)
    25. Have A Summer (Original Air Date 5/18/2016)
    Season 4 (2016-2017)
    (? Episodes In Season 4)
    1. Breakfast Club (Original Air Date 9/21/2016)
    2. I Heart Video Dating (Original Air Date 9/28/2016)
    3. George! George Glass! (Original Air Date 10/5/2016)
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