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Hollywood TreasureHollywood Treasure  premiered on Syfy on October 27, 2010. This series delves into the intricate world of collecting of showbiz and pop culture memorabilia, including science fiction and fantasy props and costumes. The series follows Profiles in History, the world's largest auctioneer of original movie, television and pop culture collectibles. Each episode follows the crew as they travel the globe searching for the most compelling, rare, and sought-after Hollywood memorabilia. Sometimes combing through basements and attics to uncover lost Hollywood treasure, and other times meeting with celebrities to view their personal keepsakes, they track leads and do whatever it takes to seal the deal for a piece of Hollywood history. From the Wicked Witch of the West hat to the vintage Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car to the Mary Poppins carpet bag, they will stop at nothing to hunt down some of Hollywood's most legendary and mythical items.

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Joe Maddalena
Season 1 (2010-2011)
(24 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Let The Bidding Begin (Original Air Date 10/27/2010)
  2. I'll Get You, My Pretty (Original Air Date 10/27/2010)
  3. Comic Con Quest (Original Air Date 11/3/2010)
  4. Joe Goes Ape (Original Air Date 11/3/2010)
  5. London Calling (Original Air Date 11/10/2010)
  6. Joe Gets Animated (Original Air Date 11/10/2010)
  7. Joe's Golden Opportunity (Original Air Date 11/17/2010)
  8. The Munster Hunt (Original Air Date 11/17/2010)
  9. In Full Effects (Original Air Date 12/1/2010)
  10. Spidey Cents (Original Air Date 12/1/2010)
  11. Chasing Rudolph (Original Air Date 12/8/2010)
  12. Justice For Dorothy (Original Air Date 12/8/2010)
  13. Packrats, Robots And Oz (Original Air Date 6/1/2011)
  14. Endoskeletons In The Closet (Original Air Date 6/1/2011)
  15. Trek To The Future (Original Air Date 6/8/2011)
  16. Monsters And Miracles (Original Air Date 6/8/2011)
  17. Demons And Spacesuits And Slippers, Oh My (Original Air Date 6/15/2011)
  18. The One That Got Away (Original Air Date 6/15/2011)
  19. Blood, Sweater & Terminators (Original Air Date 6/22/2011)
  20. Holy Gobstopper, Batman! (Original Air Date 6/22/2011)
  21. Lost In Apes (Original Air Date 6/29/2011)
  22. Chitty Chitty Bid Bid (Original Air Date 6/29/2011)
  23. A Borg In The Basement (Original Air Date 6/29/2011)
  24. The Zombie And The Rocketeer (Original Air Date 7/6/2011)
Season 2 (2011-2012)
(? Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Riddler Rudy And The Ruby Slippers (Original Air Date 5/22/2012)
  2. Chamber Of Secrets (Original Air Date 5/29/2012)
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