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MotiveMotive  premiered on ABC on May 20, 2013. When murder is committed, Angie Flynn, a loving, single mother and a damned good detective, along with her partner, Detective Oscar Vega, are on the case, looking for clues that will lead them to the killer. But "Motive" turns the tried-and-true crime drama formula on its head by indentifying the Killer and Victim at the beginning of each episode. These storylines are then further explored via stylized flashbacks that piece together the mysterious connection between these two characters and what drove the Killer to commit murder.

Angie Flynn
Kristin Lehman
Oscar Vega
Louis Ferreira
Betty Rogers
Lauren Holly
Boyd Bloom
Roger Cross
Brian Lucas
Brendan Penny
Manny Flynn
Cameron Bright
Season 1 (2012-2013)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Creeping Tom (Original Air Date 5/20/2013)
  2. Crimes Of Passion (Original Air Date 5/23/2013)
  3. Pushover (Original Air Date 5/30/2013)
  4. Against All Odds (Original Air Date 6/27/2013)
  5. Public Enemy (Original Air Date 7/11/2013)
  6. Detour (Original Air Date 7/18/2013)
  7. Out Of The Past (Original Air Date 7/25/2013)
  8. Undertow (Original Air Date 8/1/2013)
  9. Framed (Original Air Date 8/8/2013)
  10. Fallen Angel (Original Air Date 8/15/2013)
  11. Brute Force (Original Air Date 8/22/2013)
  12. Ruthless (Original Air Date 8/29/2013)
  13. The One Who Got Away (Original Air Date 9/5/2013)
Season 2 (2013-2014)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Raw Deal (Original Air Date 5/21/2014)
  2. They Made Me Criminal (Original Air Date 5/28/2014)
  3. Overboard (Original Air Date 6/4/2014)
  4. Deception (Original Air Date 6/11/2014)
  5. Dead End (Original Air Date 6/18/2014)
  6. Bad Blonde (Original Air Date 6/25/2014)
  7. Pitfall (Original Air Date 7/9/2014)
  8. Angels With Dirty Faces (Original Air Date 7/16/2014)
  9. Abandoned (Original Air Date 7/23/2014)
  10. Nobody Lives Forever (Original Air Date 7/30/2014)
  11. A Bullet For Joey (Original Air Date 8/13/2014)
  12. Kiss Of Death (Original Air Date 8/20/2014)
  13. For You I Die (Original Air Date 8/27/2014)
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